Tera Intezaar

Tera Intezaar

Movie Releasing 23rd November 2017

JIa aur Jia

JIa aur Jia

Jia aur jia Releasing 27th October 2017

Six-X: Rare & Dare

Six-X: Rare & Dare

Six-X : Releasing May 2017




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Home Production : Takraav & Sarvshaktishaali Mahadev Releasing December 2017

Note: Profits, if any, will be regularized from 1st July onwards. Any user who has been missold or misrepresented or wants to EXIT the Agreement /Contract or cannot wait till 1st July for assessment and possible distribution of profits or Revenues can take an exit by taking refund of balance principal that they have invested in financing the movie project.


Send a mail to:

Mention details of transfer of funds to BFM LLP or BlueFoxMotion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. (Deposit details)

We will send a draft letter of full and final settlement letter which you will have to submit by 1st June 2018 on the same email id. The letter has to be on a Rs. 10 stamp paper (Affidavit) & should be self attested with a copy of PAN Card & Notarized.

Legal & Accounts team will start processing refunds within 8 weeks from deposit of settlement letter / Affidavit.

(Refund=Principal transferred into company account - payouts or commissions issued by company in binaries etc - wallets used by user)


Take 100% of Invested Value less Payouts recieved Less wallets consumed in the form of Registered Property, (land). 

Note: In case of an Exit. All investments under (profit / loss sharing packages) the particular Name & PAN will be taken into consideration except the ones in CG Package as their Principal amount is safe.

*You can also raise a ticket for the same and the complete process shall be explained.

Note that Financers are entitled to 100% profit sharing module / sharing on actual movie performance. Do not believe any information that is not from the official website www.bluefoxmovie.com


Crossroads Programs chose Blue Fox Motion Pictures when we were ready for our first venture into the world of video and we are glad we did! We found all of the BFMP staff so easy to work with. They each had a way of making us feel at ease with the camera and with the process. Their knowledge of the technology involved in making a quality product was evident. They helped us feel confident about what we were doing and seemed to share our excitement about the final product. They were as committed as we were to making it right. It was great! - CrossRoads

I am not exaggerating when I say that for me, the video and the video acceptances produced by Blue Fox Motion Pictures for my organization's 10th Anniversary gala and awards ceremony were the highlight of the entire evening!! The video displayed beautifully on the screen and was of such high quality and so professional that for the first time since holding this event, people were actually quiet during the program! I was watching the honorees as they watched their own videos and they were just beaming. They all told me afterwards how great their pieces came out and were so complimentary of the Blue Fox team throughout the entire process. All of us at Team Leasing Asia are stunned at how much time and effort went into the project!! Blue Fox was a true pleasure to work with and I cant imagine the finished product turning out any better than it did -  Team Leasing Asia

I am very happy with the work of Blue Fox Motion Pictures did for our projects.I could not be more happier with the outcome -  Shekhar Sunder


Takraav movie Trailor Released. Check news and details Here. Movie releasing August 2017


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